Thursday, March 24, 2005

Back from Oslo...

Just got back from Oslo today (early this morning)... We had a really pleasant trip although the actual travelling was looong. First by ferry, 13 hours or something like that and yet another 2 hours by train.

Oslo was really great. Better/beautifuller than I expected and the weather was great though cold (about 0 degrees celcius) but the sun shined most of the time.

I have a question for "native" norwegians though... Why are there 2 red men signaling "Not to go" when crossing a road? I can't think of a reason why there should be two, one seems sufficient and theres still only one green when "to-go"! hmmmm strange...

Anyways - as I wrote, we stayed at a hotel in the center of the city and to our ahemmm surprise, apparently the city drug-addicts, homeless and drug-dealers also frequented the same area/street.. and they didnt seem to bother dealing in full daylight on the corners.. One day I found a used syringe in a window and a cup of coffee.. Seems like the addicts in Norway need a cup of joe BEFORE shooting themselves with heroin or whatever :-) Maybe they cant see straight before having the early cup of java - wouldnt wanna miss a vein, huh? :-) later!


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