Saturday, October 06, 2007


I've been using Axis 1.x for many years and I did a small test-run of Axis2 some months ago, but it doesn't seem to be any better than Axis1 (just different and a lot less "mature"). The Axis1 branch is way to complex for the problem it's solving. If you fix a bug or implement a feature you are likely to be introducing another couple of bugs, since the code-base is just a big mess.

Well anyways, I just recently fixed a bug in Axis for a project, where the MessageContext's requestMessage was changed before the WSDoAllReceiver handler (for ws-security) had a chance to verify the xml causing a "Verification failed" error for 2 signature elements. The error was, ofcourse, Axis pretty printing. Some messages worked ok, other were changed and since the canonicalizer does not change the newline and blanks, I was unable to verify the messages.



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