Thursday, June 02, 2005

Configuration management / Microkernel

Not so long ago I started using Commons Configuration for most my configuration needs. Even though I dislike some Commons (especially Commons Logging) packages I really do like the Commons Configuration package. Its neat and the XMLConfiguration is indeed useful. Well - anyways, I've been a strong believer in microkernels (or atleast the idea behind the microkernel pattern), but sometimes this leads to each "kernlet" having to configure itself and what about re-configurations of a running system? (perhaps simply by changing the value of a node in an XML config file) What if we had a microkernel capable of reading a "master" config file, describing which "kernlets" should be started and each kernlet was infact a javabean. Then by using the java.beans package and all its goodies, kernlets were able to be notified when-ever a property changed and they were able to veto a property-changed-event if such an event was not wanted at the time being. Hmmm.. throw in some JMX capabilities too and you might just have yourself a sweet kernel...(now dont scream JBO$$ kernel, please!! *pfft*)


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