Tuesday, May 17, 2005

VW Golf II Vintage

Once again my somewhat vintage VW Golf II '90 has played me a trick. When I say vintage I actually mean old piece of crap thats just cost me enough money so I dont want to sell it... Remember theres a 180% TAX on cars in Denmark!! Yup - you read it right.. 180%..

Well - anyways, I was in a traffic-jam, when the idle just felt ahemm different.. Well - I thought it might be the over-heating fan that just kicking in, but when I started to drive I knew just what had happened.. :-( My exhaust-pipe broke just before the muffler leaving me with a LOUD noisy car... Theres a reason for people calling my Golf for a "tractor" :-)

Well - just another one of THOSE days I guess.. I digress..


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