Saturday, February 09, 2008

Peeking tom

It's a funny thing - I've been writing software for about a decade and in my "younger" years I was pretty much satisfied if only I had an Emacs editor and project to work on. Code was squirted out faster than you can say "macro" and I was happy.
But the more experienced I've gotten, I mostly get excited if I find a way to code less (but do more). One of the things I've discovered is, almost no matter what, I need an event system.
How many of you have ever added a method call to some method, just to "trigger" another part of the system (raise your hands ;-) ). These "aspects" mostly gets hardcoded to the core of the system, but they should actually be triggered by an event, and only the "core" task at hand should be implemented "locally" in the source-code.

more to come about this later...


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