Wednesday, April 20, 2005

IM - File Sharing

Imagine Instant Messaging and File Sharing combined!

Intrigued? I am! - On the way home today, I was thinking about the implementation of the MSN Messenger Protocol I'm currently (not so much) working on, when a thought struck me - why not implement a Bot atop the implementation and let people search my online files or whatever I might be sharing. It should be as simple as

/search "Some filename"

(please note the IRC like commands :-) )

And the result could be a list of links to where ever the files are available for downloads like:

Some file
Some like file

By using some sort of ticket mechanism in each link which is combined with the user (remember we have the user of the trustee list), its even possible to make sure all others cannot download the files, but only people who have searched the file using the IM client, hence only people you TRUST (otherwise they're probably not on your IM friends list anyways, right?).
Well yet another nice idea I'd probably never will find the time to implement!!


Blogger tj said...

"hence only people you TRUST (otherwise they're probably not on your IM friends list anyways, right?)"

Just a reminder: I am on you list !!!

Better think again ;)

24/4/05 11:49  
Anonymous peer to peer file sharing said...

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13/11/05 22:43  
Anonymous file sharing said...

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