Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Agility for the numb

Where to start? well - having just read this I actually first wanted to copy-paste a few paragraphs to get you, the reader, to think about the concept behind an agile approach towards software development. Well I soon found myself out of space on this blog-entry, so I decided not to, but really - you ought be reading the above linked PDF.. Its "Good Stuff"(TM)!

Anyways, looking back on my career and at the projects in which I have participated I can honestly say not many of them have been following an agile methodology. I have no doubt in my mind some would have been better of, if eg. FDD or ASD had been chosen.

I think the single most important reason for projects to "fail" is not knowing when the project is successful. Not knowing when your project is successful is guaranteed to never get you there (whereever that might be) - so I say, if you beyond any doubt are able to define the criteria for success before you start the actual implementation, the rest is a matter of principles and choices (even of methodology). This also applies to the tasks currently at hand (which might be part of a larger project).


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