Monday, March 31, 2008

WOW!'s been awhile. It is not because I've been swamped with work (well - not only), but I simply lost the will to blog.
I'm currently working on a time log product, primarily for myself (and my company) in which I can record time spend on different tasks and mileage (km) driven. I'm planning of writing an invoice system to fit the lot, so I avoid having to write my invoices by hand, which is quite cumbersome work at the end of each month.
Anyway - I've decided to implement the system in Wicket and so far I am rather pleased with my framework of choice.
Since I spend most of my time using BEA's portal product these days, Wicket is like a breath of fresh air in a an otherwise diesel polluted smog cloud :-)
I can't really say I understand all of Wickets ways of working (or not) but I getting the hang of it (I've used Tapestry in the past which is also a component based framework).


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