Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shall we shack now?

Well - Finally - I got really fed up by writing (or wiring) ANT build.xml files, so I started looking at writing a new build system for my various projects... First thought was to implement this in Ruby and along the path learn Ruby (to be fully buzzwork compliant you know :-) ), but then I looked at Groovy.. Now groovy has taken some serious beating in the past so I was kinda biased towards using it, but I decided to give it a fair chance and what do you know -I like it (so far).. Closures, some serious cool language features(add-ons)... So I decided, heck.. MayB Ruby if just the freakin' word of the month.. Groovy seems to be "java on 'roids"! So Im going forwards writing my "make" in groovy.. Groovy!
Update: Its not going to be a (n)make or ANT clone.. I've got some "new" thoughts how this should be done.. hopefully it'll be cool!!!


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