Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Myth

I bought the book "The mythical man-month" today. Although I haven't actually read the book yet (still on route from Amazon), I am so excited about receiving my copy.
I stumbled upon a quote from this book just a few weeks ago on the net, and I am quite the sucker for books (or alike) like this. I am currently reading "eXtreme Programming" by Kent Beck yet again and I'm still amazed how many things one "ought" to do - although I'm not a fanatic "eXtreemer" - so many aspects are "right on head" of software development. If only more companies follow the "eXtreme" way, more than writing on their website "we do it the eXtreme way.." :-) Not many I know of actually do... But as Kent stated in the beginning of the book- "It's just common sence"... Well - yes AND no....


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