Sunday, December 14, 2008

I am sick and tired

... of both debian packages in different versions and Python installation crap issues.

Please dont get the wrong idea - I've come to like Python and especially Django for minor web applications but I tried (with emphasis on TRIED) to install lxml in version 2 or above on my debian linux wmware image today but I had to give up after some hours of frustration. I LOVE apt and I do think its just plain simple and lovely, BUT when there is no pre-packaged .deb file for lxml in a version 2 or above for "Etch" I just dont know what to do.. I mean - I even installed GCC and wget'ed the source package but it wouldn't compile (can't remember the error). But I had to install GCC, libxml2-dev which is not too much, since I was trying to compile the lot, but why the hell did I have to compile it in the first place? I just wanted to use a simple python library for my project!
And this lead me to my issues with python and the "site-packages" issues. When you move a python app from one location (server) to another - you actually have to move all installed libraries - and what happens if some app on the destination just happens to use another version (and needs another version) of the same library as you use?? Well - you probably have to either pack it with your app, but if it depends on some common c library you might find ourself in a tight spot, or you just have to hope if backwards compatible or you risk breaking an existing application.

Argg - I might just be way too frustrated right now - bear with me...


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