Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Seven Day Weekend

I recently finished reading this book by Richardo Semler, the CEO of Semco, a Brazil based company. Richardo tries to explain the reasons behinds Semco's success in the business world. It is actually a REALLY good read, and Richardo has some really good points and ideas, but I felt he should have included a couple of chapters written by his employees as he is the CEO and may NOT see how things are the floor level though he thinks he does.
Anyways Semco does things differently. Employees hire their managers (which is an extremely pleasant though, dont you think so??). Another great thing I got from the book was the "rule" of three (3) why's - you have the right (or perhaps more the duty) to ask three why's to each statement given by your manager. This way you force him/her to to think things through..

A good read - pick it up a make it a better corporate world... Cheers!