Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hungarian - is that like getting it "french"?

In the past few years I have discovered many starting to use Hungarian notation like names in Java and just today I also saw some in Python. For instance the author of Tapestry, a framework I just love, tend to use I as a prefix of all interfaces like IMyInterface. Is this a good idea? I haven't just yet decided for myself - normally I, myself, would not do that in java, as I find it is not neccessary and I do not want the end-user (if it is API code) to know the difference between my interfaces and actual implementing classes, but still - it doesnt really matter. I guess it's a matter of like.

A tiny note about Python, now - I still learning so bare with me but its just doesnt seem easy to implement API's in Python (perhaps generally in dynamically types languages). I was playing around with twisted today (great framework by the way) and wanted to extend the base Protocol class but I didn't know which methods to implement or override and the documentation is kinda hard for me to read coming from the Java world. In Java you DONT have this kinda problem (even as a novice Java programmer) as your IDE (or Java compiler) will TELL you what methods you have to override or implement. Well - I guess its just one of those things I'll have to get used to....

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Please don't eat me dear Python

It seems like I'm going to implement a new system at work in Python - yes, Python.. I've written some tiny tools or alike in Python in the past, but I am no way near being a Python programmer, so I'm really excited to try something new. Don't get me wrong - I've been programming Java for the past 10 or so years, and I'm still a Java kinda-guy, but I sincerely believe its healty to "branch" out and try other technologies aswell. Anyways - this new system will include both server-sockets and SOAP calls to remote systems.... greeeeeat...

The Myth

I bought the book "The mythical man-month" today. Although I haven't actually read the book yet (still on route from Amazon), I am so excited about receiving my copy.
I stumbled upon a quote from this book just a few weeks ago on the net, and I am quite the sucker for books (or alike) like this. I am currently reading "eXtreme Programming" by Kent Beck yet again and I'm still amazed how many things one "ought" to do - although I'm not a fanatic "eXtreemer" - so many aspects are "right on head" of software development. If only more companies follow the "eXtreme" way, more than writing on their website "we do it the eXtreme way.." :-) Not many I know of actually do... But as Kent stated in the beginning of the book- "It's just common sence"... Well - yes AND no....