Sunday, April 18, 2010

Added english version

I finally got around to convert my newest project "Jeg Ønsker Mig", an online free wishlist, to english. Its called "My Wish", primarily because someone ( dammit :-) ) had already taken my preferred name which was "I Wish", but what are you gonna do.

Once again Stripes did the job as it has some pretty simple but darn workfull localization possibilities. I wrote a single "include" tag myself, which could include a whole file (HTML) based on the current locale, and a single function to also localize text in other tags e.g.  <my:jsptag title="function:message(request.locale, 'some.key')">stuff</my:jsptag> and such..

Well - give it a spin if you please, and please report if you find a bug or request a feature.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

First release of "Jeg Ønsker Mig" on Google App Engine

Yesterday I finally deployed my first release, well BETA release, of "Jeg Ønsker Mig" on Google App Engine. It's a wishlist application in which you may add wishs, send unique links to recipients and such.

Damn, it's easy to deploy new versions and to have more than one version of the application on GAE/j, so you may have a production version and a development version uploaded at the same time but accessible at different URL's.

Please give it a try at : but bear in mind that its a beta release and content is subject to change at all times (including whatever wishlists you may have created).