Monday, July 19, 2010

Torremolinos - well worth a visit


My family and I just returned from a 7 days trip to Torremolinos, Costa del Sol in southern Spain. Danes used to flock to Costa del Sol in the sixties and seventies but not so much in the latest years.
We stayed at a hotel called "Puente Real" (Royal Bridge to the best of my limited spanish) which was very nice but you could tell it had seen the best years but still very clean and an excellent pool, well actually 3 pools including a childrens pool.

The coast and especially the long beach promenade on which we strolled many times is clearly one of the best things about Torremolinos. It wasn't really crowded and many used it for exercising in the evenings (when the temperature fell a bit) by running or roller skating, we merely walked :-)

One day we went to the centre of Torremolinos, to the pedestrian street called "San Miguel" which is a must see, not only for shopping but also for the "vibe" of being in the old part of the town.

Well, saturday and sunday many locals seemed to come to the beach and one thing that stroke me is how they park their cars.. In the curve in a round-about, up and down the streets though there were signs for no stopping and no parking. If both sides of the street were full of cars and there seemed to be enough space for other vehicles to pass they started to park besides the ones already parked in the outer lanes, leaving only one lane "open" for traffic. In Denmark they would all have been fined for illegal parking and perhaps even have their cars towed. Well, its a wonderfull world :-)

Ohh yes - we visited "den lille have" (The little garden / El Pequeño Jardín) and I had the "Monster Burger" which I couldn't finish, this have never happened before and it really is "MONSTER" :-)

I guess this is not the last time we visit Costa del Sol..